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StratoCoupler - Water Rocket Coupler


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The StratoCoupler has four main functions:

  1. Enables attaching a payload container* such as a 500 ml soda bottle for a canSat or other device or payload
  2. Enables screwing spliced soda bottles together for a taller water rocket
  3. Enables extending the height of an FTC rocket by screwing 2 StratoRockets together
  4. Enables increasing the volume of an FTC rocket by screwing on a soda bottle to the top (0.5, 1.0, 1.5, or 2L)

Currently this part is 3D printed and only available in the color white.
The StratoCoupler is best employed with two 213 O-rings (15/16" ID, 1 3/16" OD, 1/8" Width), which are included.

Place the O-rings on the soda bottle just below the threads and above the first smaller lip on the bottle. When the coupler is screwed onto the bottle the O-ring will usually create a better seal, than without it, but you can try it both ways. If you use the coupler without the O-ring you will have to get the bottles to meet in the middle and have them be tight against each other to make a seal.

If you are  screwing on a payload compartment to the top of either a 2-liter spliced rocket or an FTC type rocket like our StratoRocket, than a 1” rubber washer and 25 cent USD coin or equivalent size metal disc are required for separating the main pressure chamber from the payload compartment. In this arrangement, you won’t need the O-rings.

* If used with a payload container, then a parachute is required to prevent a crash landing.