StratoRocket® 48 in. 3D Print FTC Rocket

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The StratoRocket® 48 in. 3D printed FTC rocket looks and performs like a real rocket. It arrives almost fully assembled other than screwing on the StratoFins and nozzle. This 48 inch FTC holds about 1.69 liters of volume and can be pressurized up to 145 PSI.

StratoRocket Benefits:

  • Requires no additional nose cone
  • More aerodynamic than a 2-liter bottle because it is narrower
  • More durable and thicker, made of polycarbonate instead of PET
  • Amount of water used can be varied a lot without adverse launching results
  • Not easily blown off a field due to wind since it is skinny
  • Launches slightly slower so one can see the liftoff better
  • Back gliding recovery (comes down on its side and requires no parachute)
  • 2 methods for attaching a parachute are demonstrated in the 2nd half of the parachute video below
  • Pressurize up to 145 PSI provided a 150 PSI safety valve is installed on the StratoLauncher IV