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About Us


Relationshipware LLC is a purveyor of products that bring people together, such as parent and child or teacher and student. Currently our focus is on water rocketry, which continues to grow as an inexpensive alternative to traditional solid fuel rockets, since there are no recurring expenses with repeated launching due to water and air being free. Children, teens, and adults have a blast playing with our products, which are also excellent tools for teaching students with an engaging activity.

Relationshipware LLC facilitates these endeavors by offering an assortment of launchers, upgrade kits, parachutes, and screw-on fins called StratoFins®. Our durable plastic fins are superior to balsawood and Styrofoam fins and they are compatible with most commercial and homemade launchers available in the marketplace. We continue to innovate each year and in 2017 we released our Generation 4 water rocket launcher named StratoLauncher® IV that is available in 3 models, Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. Our goal is to produce high quality products and deliver excellent customer service before and after the sale.