O-Ring 213 for StratoCoupler


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O-Ring #213 Buna-Nitrile Black 70 Duro for StratoCoupler.
Size: 15/16" ID, 1-3/16" OD, 1/8" Width
Material: Buna-Nitrile

Add an expansion chamber on top of an FTC rocket:

  1. Slide O-ring on StratoCap to first lip.
  2. Slide O-ring on soda bottle to first lip.
  3. Screw StratoCoupler snug onto the FTC rocket.
  4. Screw the bottle on top as an expansion chamber.
  5. Do NOT exceed 120 PSI when using an expansion chamber.
  6. A weighted fall away nosecone made from a 2nd bottle is required.
  7. Back gliding recovery can work, but a parachute is recommended.

A Chute Release device works best for deploying a parachute when attaching an expansion chamber on an FTC rocket.