Square Ring Washer


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Square Ring Buna-Nitrile Black 70 Duro for StratoFins ring interior seal.
Size: 1.68mm H X 21.95mm ID X 25.31mm OD
Material: Buna-Nitrile

The Square Ring is optional and has three main functions:

  1. May create a better seal between a StratoCap and the StratoFins on an FTC rocket
  2. May improve alignment of rail guides between two StratoFins wings on an FTC rocket
  3. May create a better seal between the StratoFins ring and a soda bottle

Seat square ring on StratoFins ring interior shelf.
Insert PVC handle and screw StratoFins snug onto StratoCap.
Remove PVC handle.
Check rail guide alignment & pressure test for leaks.