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StratoRail® Mounting Kit


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The StratoRail Mounting Kit will enable you to attach your own T-slot rail that you purchased elsewhere to the black launcher base. The kit does NOT include the 48" rail, but does include the 4.5" adjusting rail, 1 set of rail guides, hardware to assemble and mount to your base.* Tent pegs are NOT included in the StratoRail Mounting Kit, but are highly recommended. The StratoRail will enable fueling your rocket with 3X the amount of water (3 1/4 cups or 2/5 of 2L bottle) resulting in higher altitudes. View assembly and use video below.

StratoRail Benefits:

  • Straighter flights more consistently
  • Use up to 3X the water volume with optional 10 inch SS tube
  • Achieve higher altitudes
  • 95% success rate for gentle recovery or parachute deployment
  • Adjustable for various rocket types (1L, 2L, FTC, spliced)

*Base not included. StratoRail Hole Drill Guide for base.