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StratoLauncher® IV 2 x Ultimate STEM Kit


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Legal Disclaimer::
Operate StratoLauncher IV with extreme care and only under adult supervision. Relationshipware LLC and its members are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury or loss of property to any person suffered while operating the StratoLauncher IV.
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The StratoLauncher IV 2 x Ultimate STEM Kit will enabling one to launch 2 water rockets employing a single water source (tank sprayer or garden hose) and a single air source (bicycle pump, air compressor, or scuba tank).

The Extender STEM Kit can be added to connect a 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. StratoLauncher IV Ultimate launcher all using the same water and air sources. Watch the video below starting at the 2:35 minute mark which shows the STEM kit in action.