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StratoChute® 24" Red Rip-Stop Nylon Parachute


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The reusable 24" StratoChute will bring your rocket down gently for thousands of launch recoveries. This is a quality general use parachute for water or model rockets. StratoChute canopy is just the right size for providing a fun and safe recovery flight down of launched water rockets.

  • 24" red Rip-stop nylon parachute with 8 sides and 8 braided nylon shroud lines (4 loops).
  • Bring your water or model rocket safely back to earth for 1000s of more launches.
  • Shroud lines loop over zip tie attached to a 2 liter bottle and gathered at the top with a cord lock.
  • Water rocket (2 liter bottle), fins, nose cone, and launcher are NOT included.

Be sure there are no trees nearby especially on a breezy day as the StratoChute could get caught in a tree branch. Watch the video below to see various deployment methods. Also, check out the Chute Release device that delays parachute deployment to a specified altitude of your choice. This is great for windy days and small fields when normally your rocket would drift too far while descending under parachute.

StratoChute Manual

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