DIY Homemade Water Rocket Fins

DIY Homemade Water Rocket Fins

Posted by Relationshipware LLC on 27th Jul 2022

Water Rocket Fin Ideas!
A great feature of the StratoLauncher IV is it enables students and family members to create their own fin and rocket designs by merely screwing on the nozzle and it will launch. Rather then limiting fin design to duct tape and cardboard, encourage your participants to be creative by supplying them with an assortment of materials, adhesives, and tools.

Fin Building Tips:

  1. Chose lightweight stiff materials (balsawood, coroplast, carbon fiber sheet, or gift cards).
  2. Employ a fin jig for evenly spaced and correctly aligned fins.
  3. Position fins as much at the tail of the rocket as possible.
  4. Sand surfaces where adhesive will be applied for greater grip.
  5. If using Loctite PL Premium Polyurethane Adhesive, then allow at least 48 hrs. for curing before use.

Fin Building Material List:

Coroplast sheet
Foam core sheet
Carbon fiber sheet
Gift cards/credit cards
FTC / cardboard tubes
Fin alignment and/or
attachment adapter
Manilla folder
(create alignment jigs)         

9 oz. clear Solo cups         
Wood skewer sticks
1/4" dowel rods
Venetian blinds
Pool noodles
Modeling clay
Electrical tape
Painter's tape
Gaffer’s tape

Loctite PL Polyurethane
Plastic flagging tape
Nylon bolts & nuts
4” & 8” Zip ties
2-part epoxy
Paper clips
Bare wire
Duct tape


Box cutter
X-acto knife
Vinyl gloves

_______________ Nosecone Materials

Additional soda bottles of all sizes
(0.5L, 1L 1.25L, 1.5L and 2L)
Polystyrene cones
6 oz. paper cone cups

Also, don’t forget to retire and discard those old bottes/rockets from last year that are stressed and deformed from multiple pressurizations. These old stressed bottles may explode even at pressures below 120 PSI. It is always a good idea to start the season off with fresh new bottles.

Corrugated Plastic Sign Boards, Red -
Corrugated Plastic Sign Boards, White-
Corrugated Plastic Sign Boards, Black-
ReliaBot 3K Carbon Fiber Sheet 0.5mm thick -
Loctite 1451588 PL Premium Polyurethane, 4 oz -
Araldite Heavy Duty 2-Part Epoxy -
Modeling Clay (1 lb. gray) -
IRWIN Tools Glo-Pink Flagging Tape, 150 ft. -

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