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StratoLauncher® IV 10 in. Stainless Steel Tube


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The StratoLauncher IV 10 inch stainless steel tube enables using 3X the water (3 1/4 cups or 2/5 of 2L bottle) provided rail guides and the StratoRail are employed. This 10 inch stainless steel tube has a score mark about 2.5 inches from the top that indicates the optimum fill level, which is about 1 cup of water when launching a rocket without rail guides attached. Exceeding this score mark does not increase the launch altitude, but rather the extra water swirls around inside the bottle before exiting thus causing the rocket to be out of balance and it veers off rather than flying straight up. This is not a problem with a rocket that has rail guides attached and is used with the StratoRail or with a narrow rocket such as an FTC rocket, which is only about 1.5 inches wide.

  • SS Tube 0.25 x 10 inch with 1/4-20 inch thread
  • 10” SS tube enables adding 3X the water (3 1/4 cups or 2/5 of 2L bottle)*

*The 10" SS tube requires the StratoRail to fly straight with this much water.