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Recommended Tank Sprayer

Recommended Tank Sprayer

Posted by Relationshipware LLC on 15th Sep 2022

We recommend the Deck & Home 2-Gallon (8-Liter) Tank Sprayer or similar. See our list below: 

Deck & Home Tank Sprayer, 2-Gallon / 8-Liter -
Roundup Tank Sprayer, 2-Gallon / 8-Liter -
Flo-Master Tank Sprayer, 2-Gallon / 8-Liter -

Any tank sprayer will work, but this style has some nice features like a wide footprint so it doesn’t fall over, a pressure relief valve, and the unit builds up good pressure. It doesn’t take much to force water into the bottle, only about 10 pumps is necessary, but you can go more. A 2-gallon (8 liter) tank will give you about 30+ launches if you are using the right amount of water meaning only 200ml or less and only fill to the score mark on the center stainless steel tube. Adding more water does not increase the height, but rather the extra water swirls around inside the bottle before exiting thus causing the rocket to be out of balance and it veers off rather than flying straight up. If you want to use more water, than you will need the StratoRail.

The StratoRail 48 in. rail upgrade kit will take your water rocketry to the next level. It will enable fueling your rocket with 3X the amount of water (3 1/4 cups or 2/5 of 2L bottle) resulting in higher altitudes. The kit includes a 48” rail, 1 set of rail guides, hardware to assemble and mount to your base. Tent pegs are NOT included in the StratoRail Kit, but are highly recommended. View video below: