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AltimeterThree - digital altimeter controlled by smartphone

Jolly Logic

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The AltimeterThree is a tiny flight altitude recorder that you attach to your rocket. By pressing a button on your mobile device, you can ask it to start recording. When it returns from the flight, the recorded sensor data is downloaded to your mobile device, where you can view, annotate, and share with friends. For certain sports it also records acceleration up to 24G in three dimensions so that you can analyze your flights in even greater detail.

As of March 2015, the Jolly Logic AltimeterThree has been approved by the National Association of Rocketry for use in rocketry competitions. AltimeterThree User Guide

  • 3-axis, 24g accelerometer can detect launch, acceleration, speed, ejection, and landing
  • AltimeterThree is a flight altitude recorder that is controlled by your smartphone or tablet.
  • If you would like to collect and share flight data, then this is the altimeter for you.
  • It captures your notes and observations on each flight.
  • You can view an interactive graph of altitude (and for certain sports, 3-axis acceleration) and produce a Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet of flight data for further analysis.
  • If GPS is enabled on your phone, the location of each flight is saved, and can be viewed on a map.
  • Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr allow you to share your flights with just a tap.
  • AltimeterThree includes a recharging cable, and can be recharged from any USB port.
  • Please install the app before purchasing the altimeter, to make sure your device is compatible.

  • Required: Apple iPhone or iPad running iOS 7+ or Android phone or tablet running Android 4.0.3+.
  • Size: 0.57" x 0.71" x 1.93" (14.5mm x 18mm x 49mm)
  • Weight: 0.37 ounces (10.5 grams)
  • Max Altitude (above sea level): 29,500 feet (9000 meters)
  • Max Flight Time: 6 hours
  • Precision: Nearest foot or meter
  • Acceleration: 3-axis, up to 24Gs
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable
  • Parts: LCD, battery, and case are replaceable if broken
  • Compatible with: Apple iOS 7+, Google Android 4.0.4+